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Successful home theater installation techniques….

What does this mean? It is hard to find a home that can meet the needs for a traditional home theater installation. Homes supporting this need are hard to acquire. This often is the last consideration taken into account, when purchasing a new home. This is the reason for many customers shifting home theaters away from dedicated rooms. We are now catering to a universal room need. Most of our clients are turning primary living spaces into multi-media centers that can entertain a variety of occasions. These listening areas can offer shared uses with family and friends. Including dedicated movie watching within a controlled environment. This includes the ability to control natural light(shades) and switched power lighting.

With hundreds of decisions and design possibilities for these entertainment hot spots, we had a hard decision to make. We chose ELAN Home Systems so we can offer our clients an easy to use interface for our system controls. We have near 2 decades in the home theater installation industry, this has allowed us to learn a lot of lessons. A strict routine has proven for successful home theater installation outcomes. We are sharing our years of experience on this blog post for your benefit. Our experience has taught us many things, shared below is our successful outcome rules. It is important to follow these simple rules, we have learned them over years of trial and tribulation.

Theater Success Rule #1

Find a professional that is willing to take part at the interaction level you and your budget can allow. This is usually one of those “you get what you pay for” situations. Base your budget with this in mind. Clients that start a “do it yourself” project often find themselves 5- 6 months deep in the project without goals met. This causes stress in the home and a broken wish to complete the goal of peaceful entertainment. If patience is a virtue you possess, then the do it yourself approach may be right for you.

The most difficult part of a home theater setup is programming the control system. Simple control programming is a long drawn out task for a non-professional to carry out. As professionals, we spend hours of training and practice to make easily controlled features. Make sure the terms of installation are clearly outlined. This helps keep success at its highest potential.

Theater Success Rule #2

Cheap home theater electronics make for a poor outcome. The use of cheap equipment has never proven successful for professional application. When a manufacturer builds a cheap piece they have many choices to make. The first question is what can we lose first. Shortcuts from the early stages of the system start at this point. Cutting corners on equipment can cause a drawn out project that never performs well. The most common symptom of cheap equipment use is the after installation service fee’s that cost big over time. This is why we do not support this type of project, this project type always ends with unhappy people on both sides of the fence. The hardest thing to explain to a client is that the new system does not support a feature. Since we want positive outcomes for the home theater clients we decline this level of work.

Theater Success Rule #3

Wait to paint or decorate until the home theater installation has been complete. So many clients have come to us over the years really excited about a pretty new canvas they want to install a home theater into. This is a hard place, the cost of the project just increased by a good amount. Almost all home theater installations have drywall and paint damage while going through this change. The extra time spent worrying about this damage control adds extra labor costs.

We see an even worse situation often, this one is typically seen when we are following up behind a previous home theater company. Our new client explains the facts and the findings become that trying to be cost efficient has left a portion of the project incomplete. Home theater installation companies find our customers forget we do not have unlimited means to provide service. This is where our planning and documentation process wins every time.

Our Vendors

We provide many quality brands, they help set the stage for our home theater outcomes. Sony, JVC, Epson, Sunfire, SpeakerCraft, Niles, Yamaha, ELAN Home Systems, Fortigate, Cisco, Araknis, IC Realtime and Vivotek cameras. Our quality choice of products started with building direct relationships. We are direct with the majority of our equipment providers offered. This allows us to handle warranty issues in house. The in-house approach to warranty helps us to be a top-shelf provider of home theater and smart home products. In the event of warranty needs our direct relationship allows for fast resolution when trouble does take place.

Our products have longer warranty periods than most of the competing brands. Some products start at the common 1 year warranty period and many others average 2 year manufacturer warranty periods. Some of our products have even longer warranty periods around 3-5 years. This has impacted many of our provider choices. This is the level of support we expect for our customer service promise.

Our home theater experience is unique among the competition. Our process for design does not start with a “cookie cutter” approach, we interview our clients and set goals. This interview process allows us to ask many questions, this allows for the highest potential level of success. A home theater is an investment on many levels, mostly an investment in comfort and entertainment. We take this serious and strive to give our clients an experience to brag about. We have a higher success rate by following a proven strategy for completing a quality home theater installation. If you are in the market for a home theater we can offer a free consultation to see if we can meet your needs

If you have never seen or experienced an ELAN Home Systems control system please contact us for your consultation.

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We are a service provider for ELAN Home Systems and many other great vendors listed above. We focus on exotics and have the ability to service a diverse system type. If you found this article and need a little direction please feel free to call. We are friendly and willing to help people find a path to completing their system goals.

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