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If you are looking for advanced technological services for the work place, we can
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A  firm of installation, design, and sales experts specializing in commercial and residential lighting, entertainment, automation systems, and professional networks.

Sound XAV develops and installs their systems in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and the surrounding areas. We are a proud dealer for ELAN Commercial Systems. It is our goal to elevate your work place to the next level with our powerful networks, entertainment systems, automation systems, and surveillance systems.

Office Solutions

Automation Systems

Sound XAV is a specialized company with a reputation for professional installation practices and design concepts.

Professional Networks & Office Solutions


When you come to Sound XAV for your business network, you are asking for an above average network. Our clients come to us for top shelf equipment, great customer service, and consistency. Sound XAV networks really are a few steps above the competition. Enterprise networks with quality name brands like Cisco and Fortigate allow us to provide cutting edge technology to our clients.

Installation is not enough for our clients. Therefore, we offer real-time monitoring that allows us to quickly be notified about issues.  Our networks have remote health monitoring and administration access to keep them optimized with lower annual costs.

Office Solutions


Our ELAN Commercial System provides lighting, shading, comfort control, notifications, access control and audio/video systems that has office visitors impressed. We provide the ultimate experience with ELAN Commercial Systems‘ control system. With this system, a variety of controllable features is included to give your work place the best system.

Once the system is installed and the initial configuration is performed by Sound XAV,  you make the wanted changes from your local touchscreen, iPad, or phone. Power on the projector or dim the lights for the presentation by just a touch button.

We do not only provide services to offices but other work places such as: restaurants, constructions sites, and retail stores.

It’s always a pleasure working with Sound XAV.

 I use Sound XAV for all my Networking needs.
Our office needed a system in our conference room to incorporate the lighting, sound, and projector control.
Sound XAV delivered exactly what we were looking for. Our office guests are always impressed with our system.  

Cynthia Janson

Ready For The Next Step?

Along with providing automated systems, lighting, and networks to work place locations, we also provide high definition surveillance systems. Our surveillance systems are not the standard systems you can purchase at the local electronics store. We design a system that is specific for your business. Sound XAV high definition surveillance systems are user-friendly and can be accessed anywhere, even from your smart phone. We have a wide variety of experience with budget builds; we are confident we can build the system you need. Let us help you design the office solutions to advance your work place to the next level! Just click the button below to begin the process!

Office Solutions