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If you are looking for a powerful network, we can provide you with answers with our 1 hour free consultation.



A firm consisting of design, sales, and installation professionals specializing in a wide range of commercial, residential, and industrial network development. 

We provide high quality networks designed with your needs in mind.  Our products are not the standard products that can be purchased at your local technology store. The solutions we develop often have superior results because we personally build your computer from the hardware to the software. With customization, configuration, and dependable equipment, our professional networks result with long-lasting, quality solutions to keep you connected.

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Sound XAV is a company with a reputation for innovation and consistently delivering quality results, at the highest level of professional network installation practices and design concepts

Professional Networks

Enterprise Networks

Security is vital and many customers ask us why they should spent the extra money to buy an upgraded network. Networks typically can be categorized into four levels of equipment-quality that can provide service to a home: ISP (Internet Service Provider),  consumer grade, custom-install grade, and enterprise grade. We have standardized our installation and provide two of these categories. Enterprise and custom-install grade equipment to help us provide quality results for our customers.

We trust our highest security with Fortigate. Fortigate has proven to be one of the top-rated firewall.  Our systems operate longer, stronger and are more stable than the competition.  With multiple modes of security, Fortigate can meet any security need.

Professional Networks

Custom Install Networks

Often customers need to complete there network project on a budget.  Installing networks with smaller needs means less network traffic.  The network seems to be complicated already, right? We help to simplify the process by making your network work the way you need it to.  Stability and reliability are the staples that we start our projects with.

Our custom install networks are built with a strong, reliable firewall and anti-virus. For customers with the need to work through power outages, power failure and backup options are available. Different equipment will be recommended based on the network and the needed duration of the backup.

I recently was having network issues and contacted Sound XAV.  
After a free 1 hour consultation I was informed that I can have choices.
I decided to move forward with new equipment provided by Sound XAV. We have found success!
Our system is everything that was promised and much more!

Brian Anderson

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Professional Networks