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If you are looking for a custom surveillance system we can
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A Professional Security Surveillance Installation Firm consisting of sales, design, and installation experts specializing in a wide range of commercial and residential solutions.

Sound XAV provides custom, High Definition Surveillance solutions that allow you to monitor your entire home whether you are relaxing in the living room or away from the house. No more worrying while you are away!

professional security surveillance installation


Sound XAV is a company dedicated to quality and consistent professional security surveillance installation at the highest level. Your system is always designed with you in mind.

professional security surveillance installation


Nothing brings piece-of-mind like knowing your family and property are safe. If you want to see what is occurring at your location, we offer a High Definition surveillance system. Our custom-installed system provides a professional solution that allows you to monitor your entire location whether you are home or away. Accessing your system could not be easier. To view footage, just login from your smart phone, television, computers, tablets, or laptops.

professional security surveillance installation


If you are tired of paying for a security company that is always late to an alarm, we can provide a system that keeps you notified of the home’s events on a much deeper level. Our preferred choice of system with a variety of notification features is the ELAN Home Systems. This system offers the ability to receive notifications for motion, entry, and unauthorized entries (break-ins) which gives you the ability to act quickly to potentially devastating events.

Sound XAV is truly dedicated to making sure the problems are solved.

   Sound XAV continually plowed through each issue until they were able to get our
surveillance system up and running. Their work crew stayed until the problem was resolved
and we were totally satisfied with the the results.

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We can provide solutions designed for your custom needs. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for your free consultation. Our surveillance systems are reliable and user-friendly. They include features like cloud backup and mobile application. Just click the button below to begin the process of your custom surveillance system!

professional security surveillance installation