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Sound XAV designs and installs Smart Home Systems in Orange County California and the surrounding areas. We are currently a proud dealer for ELAN Home Systems. It is our goal to create the perfect system for our clients by offering complete smart home integration, home theater, surveillance, networks with strong wifi, and control of lighting, shades, and temperature.

ELAN is an ultra-premium home automation system that controls almost every home function and is compatible with several applications. ELAN is so versatile that is can control pool temperates (heating, cooling, lights), sprinklers, surveillance systems, doors and locks (including the garage door), lighting, and entertainment systems. Although ELAN Systems can manage physical controls, it offers a platform for conversation. ELAN Home Systems owners are able to use messaging features from Google Group Email, Yahoo, and several others.

Smart Home Automation Systems

Smart Home
Automation Systems

Sound XAV is a specialized company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of installation practices and design concepts. Very few competitors can achieve the high quality work and variety of services we provide.


Our team of certified professionals provide lighting, shading, comfort control, notifications, access control and audio/video systems that keep others wanting. We provide the ultimate experience with ELAN Home Systems premier control system.

ELAN Home Systems offers a variety of controllable features; with proper configuration, you can have the utmost control of your system.

Once the system is installed and tested by Sound XAV,  you make the wanted changes from your local touchscreen, iPad, or phone. This applies to favorite channels, temperature and lighting timers. iOS and Android mobile devices are supported by ELAN systems, as well as MAC and Windows computers. If there are any problems or concerns, don’t worry! We’re just a phone call or an email away!

Smart Home Automation Systems


ELAN systems can be controlled through many devices. Our suggested control device is the 12″ touchscreen with 1080p display. This touchscreen gives our customers a wider screen when using the 2-way HD Video Chat. ELAN touch screens are available in sizes of 12″, 7″ and 4″ models. ELAN controls are power-efficient and do not require a venting system. Controler’s firmware is internet-upgradable, therefore fixes and alterations can be quick and easy.

If a dedicated touchscreen is not the right solution for you, an iPad can provide the portable touchscreen needed. With the ability to control complex lighting, audio, video, security and access scenes all from one device, features like “all off” or “Party mode” become available. These settings are perfect for a social gathering, mood lighting, and conserving energy while away from the home. ELAN Home Systems allows you to remain in control and notified of your home’s events.

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smart home automation systems


ELAN Systems does more than provide lighting, shading, comfort, notifications, access, and audio/video control. With a touch of a button, comfort and convenience is accessed. Calls can be forwarded to another number, sprinklers can be paused, room temperature can be altered, the pool can be covered, and even the wine chiller can be turned on.

Since ELAN is able to control multiple devices and combine all functions into one user-interface, it truly offers the most convenience and feature-rich platform. When installed a professional will configure the system to the customer’s preferences. This could take up to weeks, depending on the complexity of the install.

smart home automation systems


ELAN Controllers support a variety of core brands such as Speakercraft, Niles, and Panamax. The brands are leaders in installation and quality equipment. Their focus remains on product development and installation processes.

To make ELAN Systems so versatile, they are compatible with more customer-recognizable brands like AppleTV, Honeywell, Lutron, and Yamaha.

With compatibility to multiple brands and products, the ELAN System is able to lower a projector screen, power on the projector, automatically switch to the correct video and audio inputs/outputs,  and start playing a movie with just a touch of a button.

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We are a Smart Home certified installation company with in-house programming and configuration staff. Providing solutions with ELAN Home Systems gives us an edge in the smart home installation field. We have experience with budget builds and whole system integration. Let us help you design the Smart Home Automation System you’ve always dreamt about! Just click the button below to begin the process of your smart home system!