ELAN Systems Smart Home Experts – Message from our Owner

SoundXAV has been established with a new way of thinking.  With over 20 years of history in the Audio/Video field, we can provide a quality missing from many other operations.  What separates us from the competition?  ELAN Home Systems helps us to set the mark.  We care enough to learn and stress test our solutions before the day of install.  As an ELAN Home Systems installation team in Irvine CA.  We have the ability to offer our client base a truly top shelf product at a reasonable price.  The competition in this category can get expensive quickly.  Our quality choice in products allows us to be cutting edge and reliable at the same time

If you have never seen or experienced an ELAN Home Systems control system please contact us for your consultation.   714-679-2786 Ask for Nick

With ELAN we can give you the customer control of scheduling lighting and Comfort events without our help.  It is our goal to give you as much control of your system as possible.   This helps us to build long lasting relationships with our customers.  Reliable systems and well planned designs help us to complete our projects with grace.  Our experience has taught us that most of the installation process for the project is done at our office.  Planning and diligent study help us to offer a true experience.  We are not a simple solution to home systems, we are a cutting edge provider of elite systems that can wow.

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