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If you are looking for a unique system design or theater installation, we can provide you with answers with our 1 hour free consultation.



An Entertainment Systems Firm of sales, design, and installation experts specializing in a wide range of commercial and residential Theater Installation Solutions.

We have over two decades of history and experience in the audio and video world. Our proven strategy for managing advanced system projects has given us an edge over the competition. We use high-quality brands with the feature-rich components to build superior end products for our customers.

We offer solutions with ELAN Home Sytems, Sunfire, Panamax, Furman, Sony, LG, JVC, Cisco, Araknis and many more great brands. If you want to be pleased the first time you purchase a home theater project, let us show you our products and services.

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Sound XAV is a specialized company with a reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of theater installation design

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We provide custom Home Theater installation services without cutting corners. Proper system design allows a project to be installed within the designated timeframe and completely finished without missing features. The design and engineering phase of your project is by far the most important step. From the initial design to the final configuration, we want you to be involved. Let us know which features take priority and are most important for you.

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Sony & JVC projectors help us to provide our customers with a brilliant picture in their theater system. ELAN Home Systems provides our reliable self-healing touch control system. As a Speakercraft and Niles speaker dealer, we can provide great listening. Documentation is success in our industry and building your dream theater system. Let us plan your new home build for a maximized outcome. We carry In-ceiling speakers and Floor Standing for Theater enthusiasts.

I Would Trust No One Else With High-End Projects.

High end entertainment systems require extreme precision when it comes to installation.
Knowing how each part of the system integrates with the rest of the components
takes a careful eye, professional planning, and long term experience.

Vince Parker

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As a firm that strives for perfection, innovation, and growth for our customers, we try to develop and design entertainment systems that fit every budget. We have experience with budget builds and wild projects that are for extreme entertainment or special events. Let us help you design the entertainment system you’ve always wanted! Just click the button below to begin the process of your entertainment system!

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